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Metal Garden Sculpture

When imagining a metal sculpture most people will think of the bronze statues that are so often found in parks and public places. And pretty amazing many of them are too, celebrating great achievements and acts of courage. But there are many other types of metal sculpture. Some are cast, some beaten, some cut, some welded. Made of iron, made of steel, made of copper, made of metal resin. At FiveTwo we are offering most of the above, except bronze statues!

All our pieces are abstract by a variety of different artists. Personally I have always been drawn to stainless steel. I just love its clean, lean look. But I am also getting increasingly drawn to iron sculpture. At first I felt I didn’t like the way it rusted. But watch it carefully as it subtly changes colour under the influence of the atmosphere. Taking on beautiful rich hues, adding character to your garden.

Then there is the forging, a “manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces”. Doesn’t sound as poetic as blacksmithing, but whatever you choose to call it, the skill of the metalwork artist has to be admired. Heating, bending, welding, cutting until a thing of beauty appears.

We hope that as you look through our metal garden sculptures you appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making them.