Garden Statues for sale


To me, one attracton of Rise is that it conjures up so many different visual concepts all at the same time. It's like a plant rising with the leaves sprouting, it's like the ok hand sign, it's like hair blowing in the wind! I won't go on! But I do find it interesting. I keep looking at it!

I've called this a garden statue simply because I get emails and comments from people about the statues available. What phrase do you use? Garden sculpture, art, ornament, statue? Search engines are hard to please!

Whatever phrase you use, it's a lovely piece. Cold cast in bronze with resin verdigris wax patination. Standing at 66cm high without the base it is large enough to command a presence, but compact enough to be very special. As with all Kara's modern metal sculptures they are as welcome in the house as the garden.

The piece comes without the base shown, but there is an encapsulated nut at the bottom so it can be mounted onto a stand of your choice.


Artist : Kara Sanches

I've always enjoyed walking by the sea, but I find it particularly invigorating on cold windy days. Watching the sea roll in and the wind whip off the top of the waves, creating wonderful momentary shapes.

There is so much inspiration to be taken from nature. Lessons to be learnt on how to adapt, survive and enhance the environment. Perhaps that is why we can look at an open landscape and it will take our breath away. For me that doesn't happen when I look at an urban sprawl.

beautiful-garden-statues-front beautiful-garden-statues - side beautiful-garden-statues - back


Bronze Resin
Edition Size
4-6 weeks
Price     :   £669
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **