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Original Stone Garden Sculptures

Ask people to imagine a piece of garden sculpture and most will imagine something made from stone. Stone is steeped in history, stone is the very essence of the planet we live on. Mankind has been working with stone for literally millions of years.

We have taken a more modern approach, but the stone used in some of our sculptures is millions of years old. Rather than gargoyles or greek goddesses we have chosen abstract garden art. But the skill and work of the artist is not diminished. To have the skill to carve a beautiful form from a piece of rock, to me is remarkable. Even breaking a brick exactly in half is hard enough. It requires a special talent to delve into a piece of rock with a chisel and slowly chip away until the shape you are seeking forms.

Stone is very tactile but stone is very heavy, which is why some of our pieces are cast using stone resin. The artist has still used remarkable skill to create a beautiful form, often carving it in stone before it is cast in stone resin. The reason we have chosen this process is because it gives you a less heavy piece which can be moved more easily and enables us to keep the costs down for you. The resulting piece is still as stunning to behold.

Whether you choose hand-carved stone or cast stone, we hope you see something you like.