Garden Art in Stainless Steel


This beautiful triangular garden sculpture, is large enough to standout but subtle enough to be discreet. It has depth as well as width and height. Giving it an added dimension to consider. After looking for a while you start to consider whether the triangle is the inner section or the outer section. As your eyes move from the edge to centre they are caught in-between by the polished stainless steel finish.

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, with a mirror polish one either side. It sits on a square stainless steel plate with additional holes in each corner which can be used for as screws or fixing pegs. Looks great anywhere in the garden

David prefers not to set an edition size, but remember these are all handmade, so the number he can produce is very limited. They also tend to vary slightly one from another so could almost be described as unique.

Triangular Reflection

Artist : David Hemsley

My attention was caught by a quiz in a newspaper which took me back to learning geometry at school. The triangle was always confusing but interesting. It could appear in countless different ways, but always following the same rules. Always three sides and angles always add up to 180, but still countless variations.

polished-stainless-steel-sculpture-front polished-stainless-steel-sculpture - side polished-stainless-steel-sculpture - back


4-6 weeks
Price     :   £530
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **