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Garden Sculpture Ideas in Glass

Glass has been used by mankind since our earliest origins. It is believed that glass was originally discovered around the craters of volcanoes, where the sand had been subjected to very high temperatures. Early glass was used for spear-heads. It was the Romans who brought the ‘secret’ of glass blowing to Britain, although most early glass was coloured due chemical impurities.

There is something about glass, whether it is clear or coloured, it has a fascination about it. If you look through a thick piece of glass the image may be distorted, look through coloured glass to completely transform a view, or enjoy the rays of evening sunshine through stained glass windows.

Our glass garden sculptures are equally fascinating. All are handmade, mainly using a leaded framework, sometimes known as ‘came’ glasswork. ‘Came’is the word for the lengths of H shaped metalwork used in the construction. The pieces are then soldered and mounted in a descriptive frame.

But the skill is in the cutting and shaping and choosing of the subtle colours that go to making up these pieces. Then when placed in your garden it can stand out or blend in as you choose. Watch it in the changing light, enjoy the bold dash of colour in a winter’s garden, the reflection in a water feature, the contrast with your planting scheme.

We hope you enjoy these lovely pieces of glass garden art.