Garden Art by British Artists

One of the many enjoyable things about putting this website together is having the opportunity to find and then meet some really great people. The whole purpose of FiveTwo is to provide original and unique sculpture to go in your garden. So we have avoided the mass produced outlets used by some suppliers and instead went out to look for the real thing.

And what a nice task it was too. They are all such nice, friendly, down-to-earth people who all have a remarkable skill to create something really wonderful.

They all have had different careers but most of them now work full-time, trying to earn a living doing what they love. Creating. Coming up with ideas, then using their skills to turn those ideas into reality. I know that I couldn't do it which is another reason I admire their work so much. I do hope, that if you choose a piece of sculpture from this website, you will at times think about the work, love and attention that has gone into creating it.