Contemporary Garden Ornaments


Another garden ornament that has really grown on me. First you start to examine the extraordinary and striking craft work. These wonderful delicate ribbons that flow with energy.

Then you are taken in by the form with a round symetrical shape, but it doesn't want to be defined like that. They like to lie easily to one side. I've tried them standing upright, but somehow it misses the point

Then there is the glaze, a lovely rough blue grey. You could find a myriad of places to display these in the garden

2's Company is obviously meant as a pair. But I would consider splitting them. But I'd rather not. I think they are great

2's Company

Artist : Diana Roles

These two forms are inspired by discarded seed heads, dispersed randomly from the parent plant, individually or together. I enjoy the fact that the two delicate forms can relate, they can turn towards or turn away from each other. Each arrangement brings it's own meaning. My work is always made by hand in stoneware clay and fired to a high temperature.

I want to create a purely aesthetic effect with my work. A piece must enhance your garden and give pleasure and perhaps even amusement.


Length #1
Length #2
2 weeks
Price     :   £365 ea
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **