Beautiful, striking stainless steel outdoor art


I love Triple Trouble. In fact I was hugely excited last summer when Chris said he could loan me a copy to display at shows. It has always been one of my favorite pieces, and does also get a lot of compliments when it is seen. Basically it is 'just' three dandelion seeds. You know the ones children (and some adults) love to blow. Each seed has a number of pappus which act like a parachute when floating in the wind. This helps the seed carry futher.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this sculpture is how well balanced it is. Standing upright without being supported.

Please note the base photographed is not the correct one. It has a more substantial oak plinth. Or there could be other options such as a stone plinth, if you wished. The height shown is without plinth

Triple Trouble

Artist : Chris Kampf

I see the dandelion as a beauty and a beast. All spring and summer a constant stream of angelic seeds float into the garden. But I’m not so keen on the weeds.

stainless-steel-outdoor-art-front stainless-steel-outdoor-art - side stainless-steel-outdoor-art - back


Stainless Steel
4-6 weeks
Price from   :   £1,200
** Please contact me for price / size options **