Round Pottery Garden Sculpture


Part of Karen's collection called Full Stops, which are round pottery sculptures. Urchin Pod is particularly noticeable for the small in-laid porcelain seeds, and the deep incised symmetrical lines.

Karen herself describes this as a cross between 'seed pod' and 'sea urchin shell'. If you Google each phrase (which I did!) and look at the images, it is extraordinary how she has picked up the naturally occurring patterns of each.

Made in stoneware using crank clay, and being round and with earthy colours, these sculptures can be displayed almost anywhere in the garden. On a lawn, a patio or a border. Beside a water feature perhaps. Display them singularly, or in groups, mixing the sizes and patterns.

Full Stop - Urchin Pod

Artist : Karen Edwards

A fantasy combination of a seed pod and a sea urchin. The smooth white 'seeds' are porcelain, which contrasts with the colour and texture of the grogged crank clay.

pottery garden sculpture - main

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Ceramic Stoneware
Edition Size
4-5 weeks
16cm :     £130  
19cm :     £150  
25cm :     £250  

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **