Garden Sculpture in Stained Glass


These stained glass garden sculptures are discreet and tasteful. If added to a border it will standout but not shout out. The intensity of the effect will depend on the time of year. In winter, standing out as one of the few colours in the border, in summer merging more with the planting.

Made using specially sourced stained glass, the glass is held and shaped in a lead frame, which is then displayed in a mild steel mount. At the bottom of the mount a spike and cross-bar allow it to be easily installed anywhere.

The colouring of each piece is unique, although Joe will repeat the pattern using different glass. So if you have a preference for a more green one or a more red one, or other colours Joe can help provide that.


Artist : Joe Szabo

You work hard and get to a point in your life where you feel there is security and stability. And then, something happens and it seems everything is lost. It’s all gone with a swish.

leaded glass garden sculpture - main

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Steel & Glass
Full Height
Glass Height
Edition Size
3-4 weeks
Price     :   £190

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary**