Garden Sculptures in Metal


In truth I've not actually laid hands on this one yet. But I have one already ordered and I'm very excited about it. Yet again Kara seems to have come up with a stunning garden sculpture which sits very cleverly between figurative and abstract garden art.

The eye immediately picks up the shell shape, but it's so completely different depending on which angle you view it from. On one side so beautifully smooth and curved, on the other so intricate and detailed. Then transformed again at the side.

This has been cast in aluminium resin, giving a very original colour. Standing at 40cm high without the base it is large enough to command a presence, but compact enough to be very special. As with all Kara's modern metal sculptures they are as welcome in the house as the garden.

The piece comes without the base shown, but there is an encapsulated nut at the bottom so it can be mounted onto a stand of your choice.


Artist : Kara Sanches

I live a short distance from the sea near Brighton. I've always loved to wander along the beach, either on my own or with my young family. I find so much inspiration for my work from the sea.

In this case though, it was a friend and neighbour who brought back some shells from a visit to Fiji. I was so taken by the shape of one of them.

It is always exciting when a new piece of sculpture is first cast. Before that you've only ever seen the piece in clay. So I was really please when I first saw this aluminium finish. I hope you like it too.

modern-metal-sculpture-front modern-metal-sculpture - side modern-metal-sculpture - back


Aluminium Resin
Edition Size
4-6 weeks
Price     :   £615

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **