Inspiration for your Garden


I was taken with these lovely glass garden sculptures, Fractaala © by Julie Derwent, when I first saw them and they've grown on me since I've had them around the garden. She makes the glass with murrini which are basically pieces of glass cane which she makes from layering hot glass. The murrini are then used to form the basis of the design, they are then fused, annealed and finally cold polished. Although two pieces might have a similar pattern, no two are exactly the same and so each is unique.

The glass discs are mounted on steel stands finished with a black metal paint. The stands have spiked feet to they can easily be set in the ground. These lovely garden sculptures are enhanced even further when the sun shines through them.

Fractaala - Violet

Artist : Juliette Derwent

I have called this Fractaala © Violet after Terceira an island in the Azores known in Portuguese as Ilha Lilás, which translated means 'lilac' or 'violet island' so called because of its captivating pastel sunsets. The island is formed from 4 overlapping volcanoes rising up 1500 metres from the ocean floor and is located over the Terceira Ridge, where the Eurasian, African and North American tectonic plates meet.

For many centuries the island has been a stopping point for traders on their way to Europe, coming back from Asia with silk and spices or from the Americas with gold and silver.

inspired-garden-sculptures-front inspired-garden-sculptures - side inspired-garden-sculptures - back


Edition Size
1-2 weeks
Price     :   £395
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **