Garden Sculptures Handmade in Glass


These round glass sculptures, I think, would enhance any garden. At least I thought they looked good in my garden when I had a photo session for a few days! The glass itself is particularly interesting. Juliette makes it by melting layers of glass then extruding it into cane shapes. These are then cut to size and used to create the design. The whole is then fused together. So effectively, each one of these is unique.

The stands are designed by Juliette and made by a local blacksmith. They are finished with a black metal paint. The base of the stand is designed to be pushed into the ground, making them easy to locate in any part of the garden. And of course easy to move the sculptures around depending on the season.


Artist : Juliette Derwent

I have decided to name each of my Fractaala after different islands. This one I have named as Luzon, or an island within an island. Luzon is an island at the most Northern point of the Philippines. There is a lake at the southern tip of the island. Lake Taal. This lake contains a volcano crater, in which there is also a lake, and in the middle of that there is another island, Vulcan Point!

handmade-glass-sculpture-front handmade-glass-sculpture - side handmade-glass-sculpture - back


Edition Size
1-2 weeks
Price     :   £395
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **