Garden Sculpture in Handmade Glass


These beautiful glass garden sculptures are made with a special process which has been devised and patented by Juliette. She has named the range, Fraactala ©. Each element is handcrafted in different coloured glass before being fused together to form the whole.

The disc is then mounted on a specially commissioned stand which can easily be pressed into a lawn or flowerbed. The stand is made of steel and finished with a black gloss paint.

The glass sculpture will give a great focal point year round and is particulatly effective with the sun shining through


Artist : Juliette Derwent

All my Fractaala sculptures have been named after an island somewhere in the world. The colouring on this one reminds me of ice and glaciers so I have named it after Anvers island, which is set in the Antartic and was one of the first places ever discovered in that region. It has been used as a base station by the British Antartic Surveyin the 1950's and later was loaned to the Americain government for use as a scientific centre.

glass-garden-sculpture-front glass-garden-sculpture - side glass-garden-sculpture - back


Edition Size
1-2 weeks
Price     :   £795
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **