Garden Sculptures in Handmade Glass


I recently put these handmade glass garden sculptures out in my garden for a few days and I been very taken with them. They seem to create an almost floating circle.

They are made with a special technique devised by Juliette, where the glass is layered, heated and stretched then the 'cane' is cut into small cross sections and built into the design which is then fused together.

The disc is then mounted on a steel frame finished with black metal paint. The feet are designed so that they can be easily pushed into the ground on say a lawn or in a bed. The sculptures out beautifully in planting and make a great focal point all year round.


Artist : Juliette Derwent

I had been experimenting for some time until I finally settled on the design of my Fractaala ©. I then chose to name each after an island. The Austral Islands are in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Some of the islands are in fact underwater, or seamounts. The word Austral literally means coming from the south.

glass garden art - main

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Edition Size
1-2 weeks
Price     :   £590

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **