Garden Sculptures for Sale


When I first caught a glimpse of this garden sculpture I was excited, then when I actually saw it I knew why. It really is a beautiful piece of work. It has got so much movement in it, starting from a fine point then spreading out. How she actually made such a wavy form astonishes me.

But then you look closely and you can see the individual palette knife marks where each piece of each wave has been so beautifully created. In fact I've had this sitting next to my desk for the past few weeks and I have to say that I am very taken with it. I can't stop touching it and looking at it.

It has been cast in aluminium resin,and sits on small slate base (not included). In the pictures it is shown sitting on an additional plinth. I also think it would look good on top of a tall thin plinth. But not had time to test that theory yet. It's quite a difficult one to measure, so dimensions are indicative!


Artist : Kara Sanches

I live near the sea close to Brighton and I suppose it goes without saying that I took my influence for this piece from the waves! I love watching the constant movement that occurs. The way that they build up and keep flowing in a constant pattern which is endlessly changing. It also creates a relaxing, calming effect which I hope that this sculpture embodies.

garden-sculptures-for-sale-front garden-sculptures-for-sale - side garden-sculptures-for-sale - back


Aluminium Resin
Edition Size
4-6 weeks
Price     :   £749
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **