Stainless Steel Garden Sculptures


This is a very pleasing metal a title="See our full range of garden sculpture" href="">sculpture. Tall enough to be noticed but quiet enough to be discreet. The artist has used a simple triangular pyramid but elongated to give it an elegant form meeting a mirror polished sphere at the top which really stands out due to the gentle etching the pyramid has on all sides, allowing each part to hold its own, whilst joining seamlessly together.

Made from 304 grade stainless steel, the pyramid is brushed and etched whilst the sphere is of polished stainless steel. Sitting on a triangular case, there are additional holes in each corner to allow for for screws or fixing pegs to provide added stability.

David prefers not to set an edition size, but remember these are all handmade, so the number he can produce is very limited. They also tend to vary slightly one from another so could almost be described as unique.

Pyramid & Sphere

Artist : David Hemsley

I wanted to create something simple but pleasing. So I went back to basics using two of the most standard shapes, the pyramid and the sphere. Then combined them together with a triangle to create a single form, but keeping the properties of both intact.

garden-sculpture-in-stainless-steel-front garden-sculpture-in-stainless-steel - side garden-sculpture-in-stainless-steel - back


2-6 weeks
Price     :   £295

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **