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Light and bright, Happy Buds do what it says on the tin and makes you smile. Although one of Joe's slightly smaller pieces, they will still make a big impact wherever you put them in the garden. Their simplicity means they would look great as contrast in a cottage garden. But equally at home on a patio. They come with a 20cm spike and 20cm cross-bar so they could stand happily in the lawn, a bed or even a patio pot.

Here's an idea, fill an upside down flower-pot with concrete, set the spike in the concrete, then this lovely garden sculpture could placed into a pond. Good idea?

The ones pictured here are the blue and the green ones. But Joe will always be happy to make them in a colour hue of your choice. And don't forget the old adage, always plant in threes!!

Happy Buds

Artist : Joe Szabo

It's cold in my workshop, but each year as spring comes around and the weather warms and the buds come bursting forth, suddenly I find that I'm inspired and happy! Thank you nature!

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Steel & Glass
Full Height
Glass Height
Edition Size
3-4 weeks
Price     :   £120

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **