Large Blue Garden Pot


This lovely piece differs a little from Karen's normal style. It's more heavily glazed than much of her work and is less abtract. But that doesn't detract from it's appeal.

A frost-proof stoneware vase, made from crank clay and glazed. The glaze gives different effects according to how thickly it is applied. A thin area will be goldish brown, thicker layers will be blue-grey or blue. It has a ridged textured central section which has a manganese and copper glaze which can glint in sunlight.

There are a small number of drainage holes in the base so it could be used should you wish as a particularly elegant planter (imagine the drama of a single large Allium) or just as a discrete but very pleasing garden sculpture.

It would suit a variety of plinths, have a look at some of the ideas on our plinth page

Blue Vessel

Artist : Karen Edwards

This pot was made as a technical challenge to myself, combining a base section thrown on the wheel with a coil-built body and slab flanges. The disciplines of marrying the different techniques and maintaining symmetry were quite difficult but very enjoyable, being a total contrast to my usual subject and making method.

garden-art-and-sculpture-front garden-art-and-sculpture - side garden-art-and-sculpture - back


Edition Size
1 week
Price     :   £475
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **