Large Blue Garden Pot


There is something inspirational about this garden sculpture. It has a very regular form with 5 'edges' rising to a small circular point where the stalk would go. The infill is then indented with Karen's trade mark patterning.

It is made from crank clay then fired twice so the clay vitrifies and becomes stoneware, which is frost proof. Standing at 60cm tall and a circumference of 1m in the middle, it is a substantial piece, weighing in at 15 kilos.

The centre is hollow with a 3cm hole at the bottom means that it can be placed over a small round post for additional support. When outside it does make a very strong and pleasing statement.

This lovely piece differs a little from Karen's normal style. It's more heavily glazed than much of her work and is less abtract. But that doesn't detract from it's appeal.

A stoneware vase, so frost proof, made from crank clay and glazed. The glaze gives different effects according to how thickly it is applied. A thin area will be goldish brown, thicker layers will be blue-grey or blue. It has a ridged textured central section which has a manganese and copper glaze which can glint in sunlight.

There are a small number of drainage holes in the base so it could be used should you wish as a particularly elegant planter (imagine the drama of a single large Allium) or just as a discrete but very pleasing garden sculpture.

It comes with a kiln dried scorched pine plinth which is 40 x 20 x 20cm. Fittings are included to attach the vase to the plinth and the plinth into the ground. The vase itself is 47cm and 22cm diameter at the top. You have a choice as to whether you prefer it display it on the plinth or not.

Blue Vessel

Artist : Karen Edwards

This pot was made as a technical challenge to myself, combining a base section thrown on the wheel with a coil-built body and slab flanges. The disciplines of marrying the different techniques and maintaining symmetry were quite difficult but very enjoyable, being a total contrast to my usual subject and making method.

garden art sculpture - main

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Edition Size
5-6 weeks
Price     :   £475

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **