Original Steel Garden Sculptures


These attractive steel sculptures by Chris Kampf are simple in design but endlessly fascinating. Best displayed in groups of three or more, or can be displayed singly. Easy to move with two 10" spikes, place them in the lawn, or long grass, in a border or even in a flower pot.

They are available in three different sizes, 70 x 26cm, 95 x 28cm, 102 x 34cm. The ones pictured are the smallest size. The sizes can be mixed

Made from recycled steel the sculptures are left to rust for a few weeks and are then coated with a special oil, which prevents further rusting and adds a brownish lustre.


Artist : Chris Kampf

Living and working in Somerset, I am lucky to have the countryside on my doorstep, which I try to reflect in my work. Taking the simple but pretty shape of the fern. I watch the new growth unfurl in the spring, then turn brown and die back as the year progresses. Nature recycles so cleverly, so using recycled steel is important to me.

Notes on pricing

Ferns are available in 3 sizes (height) and can be purchased in any combination of size and number

70cm - £90
95cm - £110
102cm - £130cm

iron garden sculpture - main

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4-6 weeks
Price from   :   £90

** Please contact me for price / size options **