Contemporary Stoneware Sculpture


A round ceramic sphere made from Crank clay. The stoneware is fired twice at increasing temperature to give it a dense and impermeable surface

The decoration is enhanced by the use of oxide wash and porcelain slip to give strong contrast of colour and surface.

Each sculpture is hand-made, so no two will be exactly the same, but each will be similar in colour and size

Full Stop, Spiral

Artist : Karen Edwards

I like working with round forms. There is never a beginning or and end. Nor is it an easy shape to create by hand, so I enjoy the challenge.

The spiral is found everywhere in nature - in shells, unfurling fern fronds and pine cones for example. I enjoy the flow of carving the spiral incised lines with this piece.

With Spiral the additional incised lines help to produce an almost spinning effect

round garden sculpture - main

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Ceramic Stoneware
Edition Size
4-5 weeks
16cm :     £130  
19cm :     £150  
25cm :     £250  

** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **