Beautiful Garden Ornament Trio


Comprising three pieces made with crank clay, Sister Trio is a delightful ceramic group. I have had these in my garden for a few days for a photoshoot, and I have to say that I have become entranced by them. Their form and shape is extraordinary. The way they rise strongly from the ground, then lean back to unfurl, you can at once see the fern in them. But at the same time, with the three together they do really seem to communicate.

Cleverly shaped they will stand unaided on level ground, but although substantial, they have a hollow interior, so if a stick or rod is stuck in the ground first, they can be placed over to ensure that they don't fall should an excited dog suddenly rush into them!

These are Stoneware sculptures with a gentle textured finish, and so suitable for year round outdoor use. Any indiscretions by birds can be washed off. They can also look quite appealing inside the house!

Sister Trio

Artist : Karen Edwards

I love the shape of fern fronds as they emerge. Not only are they spirals, a motif I often use in my work, they are optimistic signals of spring and the seasonal rhythm of nature. I wanted to make a group that could be positioned individually as a dialogue yet were related by a shared form - sisters.

ceramic-garden-art-front ceramic-garden-art - side ceramic-garden-art - back


Ceramic Stoneware
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Price     :   £650
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **