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Don't you just hate it when you have to scrabble around on a website trying to find out who, what, where, and all you can find is an FAQ or a form to fill in! We believe most people prefer to feel they are dealing with a person rather than a virtual presence! So here are the details :

Name : Andrew Illingworth

Address : Unit 2, Upper Knoll, Broughton, Stockbridge, Hampshire. SO20 8AN

Telephone : 01794 874554

Email :

We work pretty much normal hours, but if you want to contact us at weekends or early evenings, please do so. If you prefer you can always try my mobile 07788 144266.

Because of the way we work we do not carry stock and so unfortunately do not have a showroom/garden for you to look at. However we will be attending a few garden shows during 2019.

If you are around, please come and see us at :

Sun 14th Apr
Rare Plant Fair, Quenington, Glos GL7 5BN
Sun 28 Apr
Plant Fair, Arundel Castle, Arundel, W.Sussex BN18 9AB
Sa-Mo 4-6 May
Henley Arts Trail, Big Plant Nusery, Twyford, Reading RG10 9PN
Mon 6th May
Plant Heritage, Longstock Nursery, Stockbridge, Hants, SO20 6EH
Th-Su 09-12 May
RHS Malvern, Three Counties Showgrnd, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6NW
Sun 26th May
Rare Plant Fair, Kingston Bagpuize House, Abingdon, OX13 5AX
Fr-Su 07-09 Jun
The Garden Show Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle, Hants PO9 6DX
Sun 16 Jun
Waterperry Gardens, Waterperry, Nr.Wheatley, Oxfordshire OX33 1JZ
Sa-Su 22-23 Jun
Woburn Abbey Garden Show, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9WA
Sun 14th Jul
Chenies Manor Plant Fair, Chenies, Rickmansworth WD3 6ER
Sun 1st Sep
Plant & Garden Fair, Sussex Prairies, Henfield, W.Sussex, BN5 9AT
Sun 15th Sep
Plant Fair, Borde Hill Gdn, Haywards Heath, W.Sussex RH16 1XP

Customer Reviews & Feedback

I'm very lucky in that I enjoy what I do. It's fun going to shows and talking to people, or just listening as they pass and say 'Wow! look at those, aren't they beautiful'.
It's nice to know that they enjoy what they see. That it brings a little smile to a face. To me that makes it all worthwhile.
Some customers have even been kind enough to write in to say how much they enjoy their chosen piece of garden sculpture. I have reproduced some of those emails here :

Customer Photos

balance #2
SG - Dec 18 - Rising
The sculpture is fantastic so I’m very much looking forward to giving it at Christmas.
MA- Oct 18 - Perfect Moment
both myself and Susan very happy indeed with it.Thank you very much for all you have done.
LR - Oct 18 - Sea breeze
a couple of photos of our new, very elegant sculpture in our garden
DS - Jul 18 - Triple CCC
the sculpture has just arrived and we’ve unpacked it and it’s fabulous, really lovely and well worth the wait! Really delighted with it and thanks again for all your help and we’re looking forward to putting it in it’s place
LW - Jul 18 - Whisper
I LOVE my purchase and found the perfect spot where it creates interest from pretty much wherever we are sitting, in the house or the garden.
DB - Jun 19 - Balance
we are very pleased with it ...worth waiting for
AC - Jun 18 - Urchin Pod
The urchin pod is looking good in the garden. We are both very pleased with it.
DM - Jun 18 - Rising
Looking good!
DH - Jun 18 - Twist
The sculpture arrived safely. We are delighted.
JB - May 18 - Centinel
all installed; looks terrific!
CD - May 18 - Whisper
I’m opening my garden for an open gardens weekend.. and wondered if you have a flyer for your business that I could give to any folks who love my Whisper sculpture as much as I do.
AD - May 18 - Mobius 1
Möbius 1 arrived this morning and looks fabulous. Thanks very much for everything.
RS - Apr 18 - Serenity
It looks great and having ordered a base it looks even more impressive and makes a stunning statement outside, not only in daylight hours but also lit at night
RS – Nov 17 – Sea Breeze
Hi Andrew. Received here safely on Friday and in place in our newly planted garden yesterday. Looks terrific.
SP – Oct 17 - Obelisk
Hi Andrew. Please find attached some photos of the lovely obelisk that you provided us with, now with the pebbles around the base. Soon our various tropical plants will be wrapped up for winter, but at least the obelisk will be on show for the whole period, cheering up the garden!
PH – Oct 17 - Curvation
Hi Andrew. Our sculptures are fantastic and we are delighted with them. In fact Curvation is staying in the house over winter so we can enjoy it every day. And Rising will go outside in the Spring when the new patio has been completed. Thank you so much for delivering them …..
RB – Oct 17 - Whisper
We have received the sculpture and are very pleased with it. Thank you for your help.
PH - Oct 17 - Ferns
Hi Andrew. The Ferns arrived yesterday safe and sound thank you looking good in the garden already.
BH – Sept 17 – Triple CCC
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your sculpture and to show you it in place in my garden.
JD – Sep 17 - Ferns
We are loving our ferns, thank you…
VH – Aug 17 – FullStop, YinYang
Hi Andrew. Just to let you know the parcel arrived safe and sound today and I'm delighted with the ball. It's really lovely.
SC – Aug 17 – Tulips
I think the tulip sculpture looks stunning where I've put them and they go so well with my other glass flowers that my friend made. Thank you for everything.
TO’B (USA) – Aug 17 - Ocean
Ocean On my pool deck. Looks great!
MH – Aug 17 - Curvation
Hi Andrew, Just to let you know that the sculpture was delivered on time and my mum seems very happy with it, so thank you!
PH – Jul 17 – Pyramid and Sphere
Hi Andrew. Thank you very much for delivering the sculpture. We will particularly appreciate it in the winter, when the plants have died back and garden sculpture comes into its own.
DS – Jul 17 - Twist
Thanks Andrew, we're delighted with the work
CG – June 17 - Drift
Hi Andrew. The sculpture arrived safely today thank you, we are very pleased with it and are now deciding where to place it in the garden to best advantage
EW – Oct 16 – Spring has Sprung
Everyone is agreed that Spring has Sprung it a truly beautiful piece of work which will brighten up our quiet garden area where we propose to erect it for everyone to enjoy. The bright colours are spectacular when the sun shines on them.
GP – Oct 16 - Balance
Hi Andrew. Thank you so much for the garden artwork. We have spent some time deciding where to place it and this is a photo of it in situ, which our kitchen window looks out to. In the early morning the sun catches the upright face and it is stunning. Everyone who has seen it has gone 'wow'
RA – Aug 16 - Egg
Dear Andrew. The sculpture looks as though it has been here for years and has been much admired by old friends and some people who had never seen our house and came to stay the day after it arrived. Theycouldn't believe we had only installed it that morning. I find I have to stroke it from time to time! Thank you very much.
NC – Aug 16 - Curvation
Andrew. It arrived safely on Friday and we're really thrilled with it. Will keep your contact details as there will no doubt be further orders.
NO’H – July 16 - Curvation
Hi Andrew. I have received Curvation and am absolutely delighted with it. The form and textures are really fabulous.
AB – June 16 – Standing Alone
Andrew. Many thanks - happy to report it looks lovely in situ!
RS – May 16 - Balance
Hi Andrew. We are very pleased with Balance.
MY – May 16 - Transitions
Hi Andrew. The sculpture has arrived and looks fantastic, really pleased. Can't wait to set it up now in the garden.
AS – Dec 15 – Mobius I Maquette
Dear Andrew. I am delighted and totally thrilled with the sculpture, it’s perfect in every way. It will look even better once spring happens and the garden has matured. There will be an informal hedge behind the sculpture. This will leaf in the spring and will give a splendid backdrop for the piece. I look out to this view every morning and I know it will give me such joy for years to come.
DG Sep 15 – Standing alone
Hi Andrew. The sculpture arrived safely and it is stunning. I am very pleased with it. I put it outside in the garden today. I can see it from the house and it sort of draws you up the garden.
FM – June 15 – Standing alone
Dear Andrew. We have just unpacked it and the colours are stunning. Thank you so much.

Customer Photos

standing alone
triple ccc
balance #1