Glass Garden Ornaments


Hush is very much a trademark piece by Joe. I'm starting to find that people are recognising his work when they pass by my stand at shows. In a way it is quite similar to Swish but the glass crescent is composed differently and the top is a little more flamboyant.

Standing at about 2m high these are lovely sculptures to place almost anywhere in the garden. Joe uses special handmade glass which he cuts and styles using traditional lead bonding. They are mounted on treated 10mm steel rod, which is painted black.

At the base there is a cross bar and spike extending about 30cm so it can easily be placed in the ground. Make sure that the ground is well compacted (ie not recently dug). These pieces will sway gently in the wind. They can look good in groups of 2 or 3 using different colour hues for each.


Artist : Joe Szabo

Hush is the moment of quiet, it's the space in between. The Japanese have the concept of 'ma', but I was thinking especially about the moment of quiet when the wind dies down and everything is still...until the wind starts to lift again and everything begins to move again. I love the moment of Hush!

If you like the design of this piece but not the colours, then let us know. Joe is normally happy to make pieces specially to customers preferred hues. (at the same price too!)

glass-garden-ornaments-front glass-garden-ornaments - side glass-garden-ornaments - back


Steel & Glass
Width top
Glass HxW
4-5 weeks
Price     :   £220
** Note - these are handmade items so size and colour details may vary **